New Vid: Hawaii's Japanese Temple

Byodo-In Temple on Oahu

Fellow Explorers,

Join me for another video from my Hawaii series today. A travel guide for visiting the Byodo-In Temple on Oahu in Hawaii. This temple is a replica of a 950 year old temple in Japan. Byodo-in was built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first Japanese immigrants to arrive in Hawai’i in 1868. The temple was dedicated in June of 1968 with a traditional Buddhist ceremony. Inside the temple is a nine-foot statue of a Lotus Buddha, also known as the Amida Buddha.

Watch it here:

P.S. When is the next live stream? TBD… still figuring out my schedule this week… IF there is one later in the week I will let you know! But if there isn’t one… then there will surely be another video for you to watch on Thursday!